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April Focus: #Environ(Mental)

Mind-bending, transformative, and a little odd. An environ(mental) approach to health and wellbeing.

Video: What is Mycelial Thinking?

Hello all you beautiful fruiting bodies of this earth. Wrapping up March theme #mycelialthinking a few days late. Unfortunately two entire articles have been lost to the ether (a good few days of work when counting the reading, research, and writing that went into them). Haven’t had the heart to re-write them, so apologies the […]

Flourishing Ulverston: A Fun-focused & Slightly Mad Mycelial Plot

Re-emergence is well underway again, riding those mycelial waves, and hoping to make many more connections with all the beautiful & strange fruiting bodies of the earth around us!  Got a little flourishing soirĂ©e of the mycelial sorts next Thursday, please do come along for an intro to our mad plot. Basically, we’d like to […]

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